The basis of computerized Time Attendance and Access Control solutions started when card based machines were launched several years back. The first cards based technologies were Barcode & Magnetic where printed barcode on card OR encoded magnetic stripes were swiped in machines to transfer user data for transactions. Later, RFID was introduced & took over as the touchless card based technology. Several types of RFID, barcode & magnetic machines exist in industry serving numerous organizations for their Time Attendance & Access Control requirements.

Individual cards are issued to users who are then uniquely identified by the machines, marking their transaction and also validating/authorizing any barrier to open against valid transaction. When used with flap barriers, turnstiles, etc. these machines can provide a total security solution for the organization.


  • Card based readers are widely used in Access Control and Time attendance Solutions
  • Card based readers are also used where number of unique ids required are in large assorted quantities; like Colleges, Hospitals, Government records, etc.
  • There are different types of Card based reader machines which can be used in different situations and different requirements
  • Since most cards are printable, the personal card of each user can also be used as their personal identification badge.

Why Limton ?

  • Limton is the authorized partner in Pakistan for world’s leading Card based readers manufacturers, for all sales & after-sales support.
  • Limton pioneered Time Attendance & Access Control solutions based on Card based reader Technology, in Pakistan.
  • Limton has successfully installed & supported/supporting 1000s of Card Based terminals and cards to various organizations across Pakistan.
  • Limton has its inhoue cards design & print setup, which can provide custom-printed cards to each client base don requirement
  • Limton has its own developed & matured (over years) software for Time Attendance & Access Control (also including HR profiling, leave management & approvals modules), which successfully integrates with all Card based terminals
  • Limton has its in-house development team that can develop customized applications to successfully integrate Card based systems in specific work environment
  • Limton has complete parts & services, repair center, onsite support infrastructure for Card based systems


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