Electronic Time Recorders

Card Punching Machines OR Time recorders (as they are called) were the evolution of time attendance systems in corporate world. The first machines were mechanical; big machines, heavy duty. Later technology progressed and machines became electronic & then mechatronic. Even with computerization & today’s biometric age, Time Recorders are used for Time Attendance solutions.

Each individual user is assigned a printed monthly time card which he/she inserts in machine at any given time. The machine prints the current date, time on the prescribed slot. Some machines can be programmed for shift timings & they will print in separate color if card is inserted beyond approved shift timings.


  • Electronic time recorders are primarily used for Time Attendance solutions
  • At the end of the month, the cards are used for calculating the payroll
  • The simplicity of machinery makes it good option for labor intensive companies and/or where computerized environment is not present

Why Limton?

  • Limton is the authorized partner in Pakistan for world’s best Electronic Time Recorder manufacturers, for all sales & after-sales support.
  • Limton pioneered Time Attendance systems in Pakistan based on Mechanical Time Recorders, and later introduced the Electronic & then Mechatronic time recorders
  • Limton’s installed Time Recorders are working in numerous organizations even after many years of use
  • Limton has successfully installed & supported/supporting 1000s of Time Recorders to various organizations across Pakistan.
  • Limton has complete parts & services, repair center, onsite support infrastructure for Time Recorders

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