Flap barriers

Flap barriers are also known as speed gates, speedstiles and optical turnstiles. They are aesthetic, waist height pedestrian barriers usually with toughened glass or acrylic wings; used for lane/queue management, badge management, visitor management and restricting unauthorized individuals. Flap barriers can be integrated with Biometric / RFID systems to become a fool-proof Time attendance & Access control solution; recording authorized IN/OUT transactions and restricting unauthorized entries.

Flap barriers have various combinations available in their operating modes; having narrow/standard/wide lane options, uni-directional/bi-directional, single/double and normally open/closed options.

The aesthetics of flap barriers make them a popular choice in different organizations for their entry & exit passages of the buildings.


  • Flap Barriers are suited for applications requiring ultra-high-speed access and medium levels of security
  • Flap Barriers are aesthetic access control solution, Used extensively in factories, office receptions, banks, airports, railways & other terminals, colleges/universities, health clubs, libraries
  • When integrated with Biometric / RFID systems, Flap Barriers can provide a complete Time Attendance & Access Control solution
  • There are different types of Flap Barrier which can be used in different situations and under specific requirements

Why Limton?

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