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Multi-Biometric machines have two or more biometric technologies combined into a single unit, mostly used for Time Attendance and Access Control solutions.

There are several multi-biometric machines being designed & used globally, however the most popular choice remains Fingerprint + Face Recognition combined into a single unit. Such terminals provide convenience of use through Fingerprint / Face Recognition & even RFID.

Multi-biometric systems overcome the challenges where one single technology may not work. Organizations can then assign separate mode or a combination mode to mark their attendance & access on the machines.

Each of the biometric technology within a multi-biometric system usually operates as per its own pre-requisites & results.


  • Multi-Biometric technology is mostly used for Time Attendance and Access Control solutions.
  • They can also be used for various other solutions where biometric identification/verification is required; e.g. salary disbursement, canteen management, social services, etc.
  • To increase level of security, these systems can be installed in high security areas where multiple biometric verification can be implemented for authorized access, e.g. Vaults, Data Centers, Cash rooms, etc.

Why Limton?

  • Limton is the authorized partner in Pakistan for world’s leading Multi-Biometric manufacturers, for all sales & after-sales support
  • Limton pioneered Time Attendance & Access Control solutions based on Multi-Biometric Technology, in Pakistan
  • Limton has successfully installed & supported/supporting 100s of Multi-Biometric terminals to various organizations across Pakistan
  • Limton has its own developed & matured (over years) software for Time Attendance & Access Control (also including HR profiling, leave management & approvals modules), which successfully integrates with all Multi-Biometric terminals
  • Limton has its in-house development team that can develop customized applications to successfully integrate Multi-Biometric systems in specific work environment
  • Limton has complete parts & services, repair center, onsite support infrastructure for Multi-Biometric machines

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