Deep Learning Face Algorithm along with a dual IRIS Capturing


The EF-45 is the next generation iris recognition system providing innovative and intuitive user recognition/verification. It accurately locates the position of both eyes in 3D to optimize iris image quality and its Internal auto tilt feature corresponds to the range of user heights to accurately mark the transaction. EF-45 has a Smart 5” Inch Screen which clearly shows the user their face/iris positioning and the machine’s self-guide prompts user position to correctly position from too far or too near.

Based on accurate IRIS recognition, the machine works very well in liveness user detection as well as marking transaction with a face mask or cover (leaving the iris area exposed). Featuring a Large storage database of up to 10,000 iris, built-in WIFI, built-in Mifare Card reader, EF45 is ideal for the most accurate time attendance & access control requirements.


State-of-the-art optical design utilizing highest quality optics and very fast shutter speeds

Advanced, proprietary stereoscopic eye localization that locates the position of both eyes in 3D

Highest Image Quality that Meets or exceeds the ISO 19794-6 2011 and ISO 29794-6 iris imag¬ing specifications

Simplest & Visible user instructions with smartphone “selfie” like guide box, showing color prompts to identify correct user positioning

Large angle/height coverage through the auto-tilt camera

Face display for the position with proprietary “deep learning” face detection

Simultaneous dual IRIS capturing

Onboard Large user/iris capacity of up to 10,000

Works well with face coverings including surgical masks, cleanroom garments, and female facial veils (leaving iris recognition area exposed)


Processor ARM Cortex A9 quad-core processor
Viewing angle Internal auto tilt range of +25 to -20 degrees, which corresponds to a height range of approximately 40 cm
Enrolment distance 35 to 42 cm range (7 cm depth of capture)
Recognition distance 32 to 45 cm range (13 cm depth of capture)
Recognition time Approx. 1.0 second with Standard 10,000 iris template pairs
Face capacity 10,000 iris template pairs
Network Interface 1 RJ45 10M / 100M Base-T Ethernet,
Wiegand Interface 1ch Wiegand interface input/output
Lock Interface 1ch dry contact relay
Communication Interface RS232, RS485,
Card Reader Integrated CMITech MiFare / DesFire reader (in EF-45 AC version only)
Camera Dual cameras
IRIS image pixels 640 x 480 pixels iris image output
Resolution Meets ISO 19794-6 2011 and ISO 29794-6 iris imaging standards
IR Illumination Typically, 0.5 second from time the subject’s eyes are properly placed
Operating temperature 0 to 45˚C
Working humidity 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Power Input 12V to15V DC, 3.0A
Equipment size 166 x 166 x 43 mm (6.5 x 6.5 x 1.7 inches)
Screen size 5 inches IPS HD screen

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