Superior Waist Height Tripod


Limton offers SpeedSecure T250; a full-body, waist-height tripod turnstile being classic tripod design for pedestrian access & security control. Fabricated in 304 SUS, having clear direction LEDs & fully compatible to work with any access control solution; RFID card, fingerprint identification and/or face verification, T250 is an ideal choice for offices, factories, lobbies, schools, gyms, etc. to enable their access control policies. T250 can work bi-directional (both-ways) and can be restricted to uni-directional (one-way). Multiple tripods can also be set in series to make multiple lane solution for rush hours and high traffic areas.


Low noise, smooth operation

LED indicators for valid / invalid access

Arm drop-down incase of power failure

Auto reset function; to close barrier after interval if pedestrian did not pass

Compatible with all types of access control solutions


Material 1.0/1.2mm SUS304
Size 1200*280*960mm
Unlock Time 0.2s
Pass Rate 35p/m
Pass Width 550mm
Input Voltage 100V~240V
Driving Voltage 24V
Environment -20~+70°C
Motor Power 30W
Input Signal Dry Contact

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